Keep the Wonder

I loved the first time my kids saw Christmas lights. Each of them, when they were first old enough to speak, stared with wide eyes and let out a whispered, “Wow!” We go to see the lights again and again during the Christmas season. Most of us adults, though, have seen the lights and no longer feel that sense of awe. This tends to happen when we see something again and again. We can develop that same familiar attitude toward Christmas. We have heard the story so many times. We have so many things to keep busy with. And we have all of that stuff to buy and extra hours to work to afford it. Christmas can become only marginally more special than the rest of the year. Fight that familiarity! Cultivate wonder in your family! We are celebrating the Incarnation, the moment where God openly broke into our reality. The Divine Word became flesh and lived among us. We were too far from God to get back to him and too blind by sin to find him, but he made the first move. He came to us. He stepped into the mess of our rebellion and loved us and gave us a way back to himself, regardless of how far we had run. That’s crazy! That’s huge! That’s good news! Wow! Meditate on this truth daily during the holiday season. Pause and stare with awe at the goodness of God. Build your celebrations around this truth, constantly lifting it up before your family. Do good to others that they might taste the love of God. Pack your world with beauty so we can constantly bask in the beauty of God. Let’s keep looking at the Light and whispering, “Wow!”