My Identity Found in Christ

Finding our identity in Christ can seem like some mystical process comparable to becoming a Jedi knight, but it’s really not difficult or complicated, because the Holy Spirit directs our steps if we simply follow his lead. When the two would-be disciples Andrew and John showed curiosity by following Jesus, He turned to them and asked, “What do you want?” That question underlies almost every other question Jesus asks.

In his book You Are What You Love, James K. A. Smith penned, “Our wants and longings and desires are at the core of our identity, the wellspring from which our actions and behaviors flow.”

Pay attention — this is important: finding our identity in Christ and becoming a disciple of Jesus (a Christian) go hand in hand.  Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, fasting, living in Christian community, generosity, practicing a weekly time of Sabbath rest, and attending weekly worship, cultivate our new identity. Each of these disciplines puts us under the influence of the Holy Spirit, which steadily extracts our corrupted nature and rebuilds the new person in the likeness of Jesus. Church people call that process “sanctification”.

A great many would-be disciples fail to find their identity in Christ because their connection with Jesus is more like adding chrome to a Harley, redecorating their house, or adding a new Christian playlist to their Spotify account. Surface treatments never result in transformation. Finding your identity in Christ requires a change of heart and action.

Quoting James Smith once more: “So discipleship is more a hungering and thirsting than a knowing and believing.” As we align our desires to God’s (mercy, justice, forgiveness, etc.), we will super-naturally identify more with Jesus. Our goal is to fully match our desires to God’s desires.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you submit. Make yourself available to watch and learn from other disciples. Our desire grows with our doing, so practice your faith, and in the process your identity in Jesus will become more evident.

Grace & Peace, Bob Paddock