Tend the Garden

On Wednesday nights, we recently finished going through the book of Genesis with the teenagers. One of the big themes we focused on was humanity’s special identity and purpose. We all bear the image of God, and with that special identity comes the important task of tending the garden. God gave humanity the privilege of ruling alongside him, of making sure that his will was done in creation. Jesus renewed this original calling for humanity in the Great Commission.
After finishing the series, we have spent time examining our present world, how it is in line with God’s will, how it is out of line, and what we can do to make things better. Our actions, big and small, can push things closer to or further from the way God intends things to be. If kids go without food, we can start a backpack program at a school to provide for them. If our schools have lonely people, we can befriend them. If a person loses everything in a fire, we can lead the charge in rounding up supplies to provide for them.
We have received an exciting role as citizens of the Kingdom of God. Join with your kids in learning to recognize the areas in our day to day lives in which we can bring the light of Christ into a situation and make the world a little bit better.