Undivided Lives

Most of us live to compartmentalized lives. We have our Christian parts of our life and our not-so-spiritual parts of our life. God is present in all of our moments and we can live with him in all of them, but many of us buy into this false idea that only a select few practices are “spiritual”.
When we believe in this division, we live a divided life. We try to find a balance of required “spiritual” things like praying and reading our Bibles, and “unspiritual”, but necessary, things like going to work and cooking dinner. Trying to balance this divided life will wear you out. God did not intend this.
Rather than trying to strike this balance, we can live whole lives totally centered on Jesus, finding him in every moment. We can do all things in his presence, by his power, for his glory. In fact, those things we consider more spiritual, such as praying and reading the Bible, serve to help us develop a closeness with God that we continue to abide in while we go about our daily lives. In this way of living, we find rest and peace.
Through September, the teens on Wednesdays will be learning how to tear down the compartments and open their whole lives up to God. Each week, they’ll bring home a sheet with some practices to implement. Take a look at it and discuss it with them. You may find some practices that would be beneficial for you to work into the regular rhythm of your family.